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Timberlake Animal Hospital is a small animal general practice offering a variety of services, including:


We perform yearly physical exams to ensure your pet is healthy and catch any potential issues early, before they become problems. Just like with humans, providing excellent preventative care can save a lot of trouble later on in life. We offer a variety of vaccinations necessary to prevent your animal from contracting diseases such as, Parvovirus, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia. 

We are happy to provide wellness visits for cats, dogs, reptiles, pocket pets (hamsters, rats, mice, rabbits, etc), and chickens! 


Dr. Pearson has performed over 15,000 spays and neuters in the Lynchburg area since 2012. Having formerly working at the Spay/Neuter Clinic, Dr. Pearson is able to quickly and expertly perform spays and neuters so that the cost of anesthesia and the time your animal is under anesthesia is lessened significantly. Dr. Pearson also specializes in soft-tissue surgery (such as foreign body removal, mass removals, biopsies, enucleation, exploratory abdominal surgeries, bladder stone removals, amputations, etc). We offer discounted spays and neuters in both April and October for our spay/neuter months! Call to book a surgery with one of our doctors today! 


Just like us humans, healthy teeth and gums are important for our canine and feline companions.  Over time, dental tartar can build up on teeth, and, as a result, harmful bacteria can grow and enter the bloodstream, causing infection and disease in multiple organ systems (e.g. kidneys and heart), as well as gum disease and tooth loss.  As an owner, you can help slow this process with regular care of your pet's teeth and gums.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways...brushing, sprays, gels, etc.

Even with the best of home care, your pet may need more extensive cleaning of the teeth.  If you notice your pet has unusually bad breath, is salivating more than normal, is having trouble eating, etc., please call us to set up a dental check with one of our doctors.

If Dr. Pearson or Dr. Marshall recommend a dental for your animal at its wellness visit, you will receive 10% off the cost if you book within 30 days. We also offer discounted dentals during the month of February. 


Allergies are one of the most common conditions we see in pets.  They can be caused by a variety of things (food, fleas, environment, and more) and present in many different ways, including excessive itching/scratching; flaky, dry skin; inflamed/raw areas, and hair loss to name a few.  Head shaking and "digging" at their may be an indication of an ear infection, which can be another sign of allergies.

We are able to do a number of in-house diagnostics, however, allergies and skin issues can prove to be very frustrating for all involved, and sometimes require trial and error; and may even require referral to a specialist to get a diagnosis in order to treat/manage.


We offer advanced x-ray imaging that shows better detail and allows for more accurate and definitive assessment of internal structures and diagnosis. 


We are one of the few clinics in the area to offer ultrasounds in-house. Ultrasound is an imaging and diagnostic tool that can demonstrate aspects of internal structures that x-ray may not be able to. It proves very useful and is a non-invasive way to diagnose a variety of diseases when abnormalities show up on blood-work or x-ray. It can also allow earlier visualization of puppies/kittens during pregnancy. 


We have on-site lab equipment which enables us to run a variety of lab tests on your pet to help us in diagnosing problems and potential disease processes.  We are able to run CBCs which look at red cells, white cells, and other parameters.  We can also run chemistry panels which look at kidney and liver function, and glucose, among other things. We can quickly assess urine samples to check for UTIs and other issues. We can also perform EKGs and do in-house referral for both heart and abdominal ultrasound. 


Therapy laser is a non-invasive, non-medicated way to give anti-inflammatory and pain relief to your pets for various ailments. The energy released by the laser increases blood flow to wash away inflammatory mediators released during various diseases. It also stimulates the body to release its own anti-inflammatory molecules and other naturally produced pain relievers. It stimulates cells to speed up the healing process for wounds/incisions or remodel bony changes that happen during arthritis. It is a great and safe way to treat patients without having to give them extra medications/injections, and it is cost effective. Laser therapy can be used for arthritis, wounds, hot spots, pancreatitis, bladder inflammation and so much more. We use it on all post-op surgeries/dentals to help reduce pain and speed up healing time.


We now offer endoscopies at the clinic if needed! Endoscopy can retrieve foreign bodies located inside ears or in the stomach of the animal without requiring surgical corrections. It can also be used for potential biopsies without invasive surgery. This can allow for decreased pain for the animal, quicker recovery time, and is significantly cheaper than surgery. 


We partner with the Lynchburg Humane Society and Harmony Rescue by offering discounted new pet adoption wellness exams. 


We encourage pet owners to microchip their animals in order to get them safely returned home should they become lost. This is a quick injection that inserts the microchip under their skin so that it can be scanned at any veterinary practice or shelter. We use Home Again microchips and will register them for you.


We offer a variety of emergency services for cases such as: hit-by-car, dog fights, toxin ingestion, snake bites, accidental ingestion of foreign materials, and other critical emergencies. Many of the treatments performed include IV Catheter and fluids, IV medications, resuscitative efforts, emergency surgeries, and more. 


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