What do I do if I have an emergency with my pet after hours or on holidays?

If you should have an emergency with your pet when we are closed, you should contact:

Animal Emergency and Critical Care, 3432 Odd Fellows Rd., Lynchburg  VA  24501;  (434) 846-1504


When should I spay/neuter my pet?

Spaying or neutering your pet is generally recommended when she/he reaches 6 months of age; we recommend spaying females before their first heat cycle, as each heat cycle they have can increase the risk of health problems later in life. In a few instances with some breeds, it may be beneficial to let them go through one heat cycle- please consult with your veterinarian first!

Do I need an appointment to be seen?

Yes, we work on an appointment basis.  Please call our office at (434) 239-4475 to set up an appointment for your pet or contact us through the form below. 

Is it safe to give my pet aspirin or ibuprofen?

No. These medications are harmful to your pets and even given once could cause damage to their liver or kidneys. Even though many pet stores may sell baby aspirin, it is also toxic to your pets (especially cats). Please speak to your veterinarian about safe pet-specific anti-inflammatory pain medications. 

I've read about home remedies on the internet for my dog's ears or eyes, when they seem to be bothering them. Are these effective?

Most home remedies do not effectively treat ear or eye infections. While some may not make the infection worse, they can often make your pet more resistant to being examined or treated with an appropriate and helpful medication. For the ears, please avoid putting the following inside as they can cause pain and be abrasive: rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, any product with boric acid, olive oil, or any essential oil. For the eyes, please avoid any tea products or human eye medications (ex.Visine) as these are not correctly formulated for dog eyes. 

What food should I feed my pet?

Pets should be fed a good quality, age appropriate diet. Not all foods are created equal so you will want to avoid many low-priced foods as they are often higher in fat. However- the most expensive brands aren't always the best either. 

Some of the brands we recommend are Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin, Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, or Iams.

We strongly urge that you do not feed any people food, as there are some foods and ingredients that can be harmful/toxic to pets (i.e. grapes/raisins, onions/garlic, macadamia nuts, and xylitol to name a few). However, there are a few exceptions such as carrots, green beans, and peas that are healthy alternatives to higher calorie, over-the-counter dog treats. We also recommend keeping treats to a minimum, as many are high in calories and can contribute to unwanted extra pounds.

How often should I give heartworm or flea/tick prevention?

Due to our local environment/fauna, fleas/ticks/mosquitoes can be seen year-round. We therefore recommend monthly protection for your pets. This is also the recommendation of the American Heartworm Society. 

How often should I bathe my pet?

There is no hard and fast rule on how often you should bathe your pet; you can bathe them as often as once a week as long as you are using a good quality shampoo that is approved for dogs and/or cats.  Be cautious and read the label for age and species restrictions.          

Do not use human shampoos, or dish detergents such as Dawn, as these can be too harsh, can be drying, and could strip the coat of its natural oils. For over-the-counter shampoos, we recommend oatmeal based or aloe based animal shampoos. 

How can I get to your clinic?

From Forest: take 460 east and exit at the US-460 BUS E/Timberlake Road exit towards Lynchburg. Go approximately 3 miles and take a right onto Shelor Dr (which looks like the parking lot for The Bagel & I). We are the 2nd building on your right.

From Lynchburg: go down Timberlake Road/ US-460 BUS W towards Forest. Go past the Lowes. Take a left onto Shelor Dr (which looks like the parking lot for The Bagel & I). We are the 2nd building on your right.

Do you have an app?

We do! You can access it by clicking here or you can download it from the app store by searching "Timberlake Animal Hospital" and clicking on our logo. On our app, you will be able to request appointments, send messages, receive stamps redeemable for free services, and more! Download it today! 


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